CELEBRATE November 23rd

Looks like we’ll have an Open House
Art Show Celebration on November 23rd for those of you close enough to come hear our story.SavedPicture-20133813121.jpg

Details soon.


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Late Start

So, we’ve had a late starts, so I suppose we will technically start tomorrow. We are heading to the summit now and will camp there tonight. Tomorrow we will head north.

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes!

We’re exited, prepared, and thankful the weather has turned. It is a beautiful sunny spring day out there right now. (Brrr for tonight though).

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Sleep tight.

Its about 10 pm, and the kids have gone to bed. We’ve got a lovely cabin for the night and I’ve managed to organize some more.

The kids are all packed up, bathed, and their clothes are laid out and ready for tomorrow.

My stuff is strewn about, of course. I made a fan dinner, fettuccini carbonara with shrimp. . . But as soon as it hit my stomach my brain stopped working, I was trying not to laugh given how much work I had to do.

Katie was a rock star, as usual, and we made good progress. We aren’t at a drop dead deadline yet, we return to this cabin in 9 days, relinquish our car. . .and then we cut loose for real.

I still need to trim down our “bounce box” and finalize a few homeschool things. . .but those will have to wait 9 days.

We had a lovely stop at mountain crossings in Neel’s gap today. Met a dozen or so hikers and we all got really excited for our start. We aren’t expecting to get to Springer until about 1 tomorrow. . .Alex flies I’m at 6 am and I need to get him. Then we need to get our ride up to the trailhead, so it will be a slow start day. Possibly slower than I’d intended, because I’m not finished packing my stuff (my clothes are NOT laid out, nor have I showered) and we still have some food tweeking to do. . . . .

And now the kicker, Alex is running late – I suppose if he misses his flight that will give me an extra day to pack.
Laughing, yawning and excited about tomorrow. Look for our first checkin as the road to Springer Mountain is complete!

http://www.thruhikeat.wordpress.com. Check out our progress.

Love to yoy all!


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T minus 36 hours

We’re at my lovely friend Nancy’s place in South Carolina and I’ve been doing last minute prep. Mainly home school and a few gear tweeks. . . It’s getting so exciting. We leave for Georgia in the morning. . . Whoa.

K is spending the night with her friend Lea, I LOVE that she has friends from all over the world, and that they want to see her when she’s near!

Anyway, we still have a couple details to sort, but mostly we are ready. We watched a little national geographic film on the AT and it was so exciting to hear the boys excited about the fact that they would be some if those places!

Tomorrow we drive to Georgia. We explore a bit and we finalize our packs and our bounce box. Crazy, but it’s here. We are heading to Georgia in the morning.


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We keep stepping closer!!

Most of you know I love to bake. So my last morning at my mom and dads I got up at 4 to make my grandmother’s recipe for banana bread.

As the sun comes up and I smell the baking loaves I finally figured out how to post from my phone. Good news for you! If I can easily post, I should be able to do little bits as we go. Don’t look for anything too long or complicated, but photos and check-ins should work!

Remember there will be very little here. Instead look at http://www.thruhikeat.wordpress.com and check out Katie’s too http://www.littlethingsandlavaflows.wordpress.com (Little Things and Lava Flows).

As for today’s update. We are mostly packed. Our trail packs have been mostly done for ages. We have a few bits and bobs to deal with, but that’s mostly all settled. I still have some things to send back to Seattle, some “where in the world are Cedric and Duncan” prizes to send (WITWACAD, truthfully we have to send them all, lol) and a box to pack for Maine, (which my mom will hopefully send to us in October!)

The car will be pretty full as we pull away. We still have several nights before we start. We are heading to see my friend Amy in St Augustine, my friend Myra in Charleston, our friends Lea and Nancy in Greenville and THEN we move into Georgia to position ourselves for the start.

I’ve rented a cabin for all of us, near Hiawassee, GA. We’ll be there the night before we start and the innkeeper will keep our car until we pass through the area in 10 days (at which point Alex and Nancy will cooperatively get the car moved so it’s close to the Smokies, Great Smoky Mountain National Park/GSMNP is 165 miles up the trail).

It’s all quiet here in the < condo, I'll start loading the car as soon as someone
wake wakes up. . . Thanks to EVERYONE that's helped us along the way. . <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 you all!

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Truly Gearing Up

Well, less than a week from today we’ll take our first steps on Springer Mountian. I arranged our ride to the trailhead today, and we’ve figured out where to stow our car (Thank Nancy!). Katie and I today organized our food for the first two week, including what kind of resupply we need to do in Neel (or Neels) Gap, Hiawasee and Franklin. I’ve been working and re-working our trail school materials and am just about “there” in having it all sorted.

My biggest frustration today is that I just cannot find my Georgia maps. Now, sadly, most of the maps are crap anyway . . . but we really planned to have them. I am a bit oldschool that way. I may need a last second trip to REI in Georgia to scare some up in the event they don’t appear.

Katie is working hard on sewing her Huffelpuff patch on her backpack, Duncan keeps trying his pack on, Virginia carefully went through what she had to send back to Seattle, and Cedric is relatively oblivious.

I will occcasionally post here . . . but look at our ThruHike blog to see where we’ve checked in. We don’t plan to be slaves to our blogs, but we do hope to update here and again, so keep checking back!



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Out the door Feb 3 2013

I’m not sure why I was surprised by my emotions this morning.  After all, I am taking the first leg of a dream I have had for more than 30 years.  A little post on FB from a friend with well wishes and an “I Love You” brought tears.  So now, alone in my kitchen, I’m facing the reality that I am driving away in a few hours clearly not leaving my house in order, I have not done all the little things that I’d meant to in order to “be ready”. 

So I sigh.

I didn’t think it would all get done.  Sometimes you imagine things one way, but, when it comes right down to it YOU CAN DO IT, OR YOU CAN KEEP TRYING TO BE READY.  So, I pack up the loose things, figure I still l have about 32 days to muck about, and I load the car.

And I sigh again.

It is a different feeling than I expected.  It is rather like when we moved to England.  I will come back to this house, to these things, someone else will have to tidy up (thanks Alex and Katie and Emily).  But other than my insides, (and the insides of each one of us on this journey) we will come back to pretty much what we left.  In 9 months we will try to step back into this house, back to these things and back into the lives we have here.


I suppose writing write now should take a back seat, I have a car to load . . . and an adventure to continue.  We have a 9 day drive to get to my parents before my Dad’s 75th birthday.  Thank you everyone that is making time for us as we make our way, from people hosting us over night, to meeting up for a cup of coffee or breakfast.  You are all part of our Appalachian Trail endeavor now, and we thank you! 

Sigh . . . and SMILE.   (coffee, I need more coffee . . . . )

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